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How to make Carpooling Program Successful?

Facilitating Carpooling in Workplaces & Communities

Many people think of carpooling but they still don't! Making Carpooling program successful has become a pain for many a Carpooling Managers. There are environmental concerns, fuel prices are rocketing through the roof yet, people don't carpool. What stops them? This is a question that many Carpooling initiators are ask and we try to explain it below.

Why Carpool?

There are many reasons for carpooling e.g.

  1. Sky rocketing Fuel costs

  2. Concern for Environment

  3. Convenience of Travel

  4. Not being alone

Then why not Carpool?

  1. Convenience - pick up your car and that's it

  2. Public Transport - Available to many lucky ones

  3. Changing Behaviour - Carpooling means changing behaviour, overcome doubts, adopt a disciplined life and willingness to share moments with someone you hardly know.

Frequently asked questions?

  1. Privacy - How can I travel with someone I scarcely or just don't know? What if the person finds out more about me. Can I trust my home address or phone with this person?

  2. Fright - How do I know that the person I am travelling is of good character, drives well, does not bore me or insists on talking? What if the carpooling partner comes to know of my dark secrets?

  3. Choice - How can I hear the music I like?

  4. Driving & costs - Who will drive? Do I have to pay? Or people will pay me as it costs a fortune? How do I ask for money? Am I a Taxi Service? What if there is an accident? What if someone does not turn up? What if my carpooling driver is not available? What happens if someone is habitually late? How do I make sure I travel with right people?

How to make carpooling successful?

The above few lines explain well situation with Carpooling programs. The desperate need and somewhat willingness of participants excites Carpooling Administrators but soon, the euphoria subsides. The desperation is replaced by convenience and willingness by doubt. At this stage, everyone a Carpooling Administrator will see would be a sceptic with no hope for a start.

Like with all good things in life, solution is neither easy or cheap. It requires sustained effort and may mean dollars as well. This is because in spite of all the need and willingness, people need be brought out from their doubts, many of them hypothetical, with some reality behind it. This means a campaign to convince people that carpooling will work.

The following steps will assist a Carpooling Administrator implement a Successful Carpooling Program:

  1. Unflinching belief in heart, that the program will work. You cannot convince anyone unless you are convinced yourself.

  2. Understand well, a need to change behaviour - Carpooling means a change in behaviour. Some people may never even have thought about it or may have thought it as fanciful idea.

  3. Rally around support from the Top- Ask the CEO, people leaders and all those who matter to endorse the program.

  4. First port of call - get a Financial Commitment- The programs require money and tens of thousands of it. You need this to buy the program and keep running it. There will be many expenses, from stationery to posters. The program has verifiable and tangible benefits for workplaces and communities.  Based on this, you should able to convince your bosses that program is worth it. Money is easiest thing anyone can contribute. This provide an easy way to test how effective you are. If you cannot convince your bosses to pay, it would be terribly difficult for you to convince change their travel habits!

  5. Approach the people- Marketing carpooling is key to success of your program.  Start a publicity campaign through company or community Newsletter, use posters, call CEOs and other important people, organise events to make people aware. Make sure to address doubts of people without assuring them of anything. They have to assure themselves! This is key for a sustainable travel program

  6. Get Champions - Find few brave hearts who are willing to give it a go. Go public with them. Bring in some more, proactively to get it started.

  7. Recognise and Reward - Recognition and Reward System works very well for Carpooling. Awards ranging from Cash or Discount vouchers to Reserved Parking work well in attracting people to carpools.

  8. Be confident - It takes time but does happen. Continue your efforts, find out why people are not carpooling and address the issues.

  9. Use the rights tools - Like with all professionals, good tools are key to your success. Use the right programs, consulting and assistance from Envigreen to realise your vision.

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