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Envigreen Services

Software Development Services for Environment and Sustainability Projects

 Envigreen specialises in software development for Environment and Sustainability programs. So far, it has executed over 40 projects successfully in different environments such as Government, City Councils, General Businesses and Environment and Sustainability focused businesses.

Envigreen products such as Carpooling, Green Travel and Going Places promote environment awareness and sustainability.  These are ready to use programs that are customised, hosted and supported for our clients. They have been implemented in over 30 workplaces and communities and the list is growing.

Compared to products, the services cover development and upgrade of custom, business specific and bespoke software products to manage environment and sustainability. These projects are carried out for clients in the business of Environment and Sustainability. Our work in these projects covers software development, upgrade, data migration, system migration and integration with other software, hardware, cloud enablement and app development, as explained below.

Microsoft Gold and Silver Certified PartnerDevelop Integrated Software for Environment and Sustainability Sector

Envigreen are specialist vendor for developing software for Environment and Sustainability sector.  We partner with all leading technology vendors to deliver you most powerful, efficient and fast software. More specifically, this includes:

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Autodesk
  • Kendo UI
  • Telerik
  • Cognos

We develop software that integrates all other associated systems such as your ERP, CRM, Active Directory, External systems such as Building Management System (BMS), NABERS, SCADA, Property Systems, Devices such as normal or Smart meters, Sensors and others. Our developed systems cover all parts of sustainability.

 Our projects cover the following areas:

  • Environment promotion and facilitating sustainability initiatives in workplaces and communities through programs such as carpooling, green travel and going places
  • Environment assessment through specialised software and integrated solution to assess carbon footprint impact
  • Environment Alleviation through programs designed to reduce carbon impact
  • Carbon Management and Trading, linking your systems  to exchanges, purchasing or selling carbon credits

Most economical vendor for sustainability projects

Historically and even now, Envigreen remains most economical vendor for all sustainability related projects. This is because:

  • Use Regular Staff: We use our regular staff for outside projects. This is different from industry practice where development expertise is hired upon bagging a project. This saves additional hiring costs. Second outside s cost effective and generally much cheaper than industry because use our regular staff for outside

  • We have developed expertise for you: We use our expertise to develop your projects. Therefore, you save costs on knowledge building. We know your business and therefore we require lesser interaction from you that saves you costs on your side as well.

  • We understand Environment Business: As we understand Environment business and User behaviour, as good as you. We therefore save you costs on knowledge building and deliver your projects within budget and in time

  • Fixed Costs and ability to Subsidise: We offer fixed costs option for all our projects and an option to subsidise. This way, we hedge both your project costs and risk.

Specialist Environment Company

Oracle Gold PartnerAs a specialist Environment Company, Envigreen can assist you in projects such as:

  • Developing New Products for you - You can ask us to develop new products for you, for your environment initiative e.g. Carbon Trading, Environment Assessment Tools, developing portals or websites.

  • Develop and upgrade software for you- We can develop software specialist to your way of business and get you results. No more relying on MS Excel / Word documents that waste plenty of your time.

  • Streamline your Operations - We can assist in streamlining your operations, from software side so that you have plenty of time to work on your business.

  • Provide IT and hardware Support: Our solutions cover all aspects of projects including IT and hardware. We own responsibility for the complete solution and interact with different vendors.

  • Technology Areas: We work in MS .Net, VBA, Oracle, Web Applications, MS MapPoint, converting Application & Data to new technologies, Web enablement, portals, Oracle Fusion and Middleware, Programming for integrating Secure Systems and other Specialist Applications.

Envigreen Services Benefits

Envigreen offers you services to successfully implement your Environment Initiatives and business by managing the cost and time. The obvious benefits for engaging Envigreen for your projects are:

  • Reduced & Fixed Costs: We offer you development at costs, significantly less than industry. Further, we offer you a fixed cost.

  • Commitment to Deliver: Our commitment to deliver gets to quality product working without any ifs and buts. We work proactively to resolve all issues, hardware, software or networking to make your applications work.

  • Ongoing Support:  We offer you three months support on bugs and minor functionality fixes. You have option to extend this support on monthly or hourly basis.

  • Intellectual Property: You retain 100% Intellectual Property of the complete product. We further protect your Intellectual Property by undertaking steps that you desire.

  • Local Development:  All our development is done locally, in Melbourne. This should assist 

  • Cover Associated Software, hardware, devices and everything: Our work involves all associated systems such as hardware, devices, internet feeds, equipment, ERP, CRM, Active Directory, Firewalls etc. When we take on project, we are happy to assume single point of responsibility.

Envigreen Consulting

Envigreen Consulting assists our customers in implementing their Green Travel Products in their businesses. Attractively priced, the consulting reduces time to implement with delivering project outcomes in a timely manner and within costs. Envigreen offers consulting for:

Consulting for Environment Promotion Projects: This involves carrying out preliminary study, creating project plans, working with program managers to implement project in a timely manner. The Consulting comes with reports, weekly or milestone based or end of project for Management Review. The Consulting costs $120 Per Hours for requirement gathering and project plan stages and $99 Per hour for project implementation stages. More than one person is likely to work on any project. Fixed Price option is available.

Consulting for Envigreen Products: Any consulting for Envigreen Products except for Encarp is charged @ $99 Per hour. It is understood that this consulting is relation to deployment of Envigreen Products but may extend to others as well. Consulting fee for Encarp is $150 Per hour, for both the project plan and implementation stage. Fixed price option is available for Envigreen Consulting.

For more details, simply email - steve@envigreen.com.au or call (03) 9802 5516 from within Australia or +61 3 9802 5516. Our Time Zone is AUSTRALIA EASTERN STANDARD TIME that is - GMT / UMT 11.00 Hrs. During Non Work Hours, you can leave a voice message or send email.

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We just Develop, maintain, Upgrade Software and Integrated products for Environment Promotion, Assessment, Alleviation and Carbon Trading for Environment Businesses, Consultants, Government, City Councils and Entrepreneurs

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