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"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it but what they become by it" - John Ruskin


Envigreen started in 2002 as Envision IT, a software products development company in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2003, at the initiative of City of Darebin, it developed its first product - Green Travel Program. The product had a profound impact on the culture of Envision IT and making it adopt many a sustainable initiatives. While contributing to environment, the initiatives have added both to the bottom-line of the company as well as wellbeing of Envision IT stakeholders. Envision IT Environment portfolio became - Envigreen on the Environment Day, 2007 and is now known as such.


Envigreen is a specialist software and products development company for sustainability and Environment. We work with businesses, government and other bodies to develop specialised solutions for sustainability and environment.

Envigreen develops, implements and supports Environment, Sustainability projects. This means developing software and integrating with other software such as 'Building Management System (BMS), ERP, CRM, Systems such as NABERS, hardware such as Metering devices, sensors etc.

Our area of operation covers:

  • Programs to facilitate and promote Environment such as Carpooling, Green Travel and Going Places
  • Programs to promote and facilitate environment awareness and sustainability such as IWASP
  • Programs for better management of energy consumption. This includes energy consumption data collation, over devices, bills and other methods
  • Develop programs to implement standards such as NABERS.
  • Programs to reduce energy consumption such as smarter lighting
  • Programs for Carbon Impact calculation
  • Carbon Trading engine
  • Dashboards and reports to provide a snap shot for corporate requirements.

Company Structure

Envigreen is privately owned company with liability limited by shares. Envigreen is not funded and does not accept donations.

Envigreen is a Commercial Sustainable Business

Envigreen believes a sustainable initiative stands by itself, on its own merits. Envigreen therefore has evolved into a commercial sustainable business with very high brand equity and goodwill. This will enable Envigreen sustain its products and customers for years to come.

Reaching Community

Community involvement is the basis of Envigreen existence. Envigreen is proud to be associated with community festivals such as the Sustainable Living Festival and Williamstown Festival, Community Radios and other Community Events. Envigreen is always happy to hear from communities that would like it be with them.

Our products and Services have a monetary value

We offer you products and services that offer you value manifold than the cost that you pay. While the simplest of measurable indices could be reduction in resource consumption. We however can demonstrate higher productivity and change behaviour as a result of our programs.

Behaviour Change however is more important

Not so tangible but definitely measurable, behavioural change is most important act performed by our programs. It enables participants embrace sustainability in way they can. We observe that when the sustainable environment initiatives are implemented with  commitment, they certainly bring in a change for workplaces and communities.

Our Partners

We are proud to have partners such as City of Darebin, TravelSmart Victoria, Village Green, Microsoft, Oracle, Scholastic, Be Green and many others. They all contribute to our growth and service to our customers.

Our Philosophy:

Envigreen has successfully deployed tens of solutions for promoting and implementing Sustainable Environment Practices. Know more about our philosophy and beliefs>>

Our Customers

We are proud to have customers such as RACV, University of Tasmania, Nillumbik Shire Council, City of Maribyrnong, Swinburne University. Victoria University, Connell Wagner, CitiPower, Laurimar Estate and many others who purchased our programs and deployed them.


We thank 100s of prospects who call us every day to find more, evaluate our products, from all over the globe. This gives a comfort that we are on right path.

To know more about Envigreen, Carpooling, Green Travel,  TravelSmart Carpooling, references and success stories, please contact Steve, (03) 9802 5516 or email steve@envigreen.com.au

Earth - is now in your hands

It is in your hands

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We just Develop, maintain, Upgrade Software and Integrated products for Environment Promotion, Assessment, Alleviation and Carbon Trading for Environment Businesses, Consultants, Government, City Councils and Entrepreneurs

supporting communities


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